What is the Fairshare payment?

The Band/Color Guard Directors and the Booster Club determine a membership fee (a “Fairshare”) for each student, each year. This fee is typical of all Band/Color Guard programs across the state and fine arts/student groups at Grand Oaks High School.  The Directors and Boosters work hard to keep this fee lower than most Fairshare fees in the school and district.  All students are asked to pay their Fairshare in full by September 1st via the fee schedule below or a pre-approved payment plan.

Fairshare payments cover activities and efforts that benefit and support the education of ALL Band and Color Guard students, including, but not limited to:

How much is the Fairshare?

2024-2025 School Year

New Band Students: $900*

Returning Band Students: $800*

New Color Guard Students: $800* + New Uniform & Gear Fee ($475, includes Uniform, Shoes, Gloves, Flag Bag)

Returning Color Guard Students: $800* + Returning Uniform Fee ($57, additional items extra)

**Siblings: $600* New Band, $500* Returning Band/All Guard (plus any applicable Guard uniform fees)

*Each student has the option to request a CHARMS credit upon completion of 2 full GO Flags volunteers shifts.  The credit can be applied towards a discount against their Fairshare fees.  More information about this credit can be found here.

*Families with multiple band/color guard members pay full fees for the first student, and the reduced "sibling" fee for each additional student. The CHARMS credit described above will be assessed for each student who will be responsible for two independent shifts each.

Payments can be made IN FULL or via the schedule below.  All students, new or returning in Band or Color Guard,  will be required to make a minimum Down Payment by 5/31/2024.  This Down Payment will cover the cost of uniform overlays for all Band students, performance uniforms for Color Guard, the New Student Gear Bundle (shoes, "blues" and gloves).  New and returning Color Guard students' Down Payment will be higher due to their specific travel uniform and gear needs and and will be collected by the Color Guard Director.  Guard Uniform packages and individual items can be ordered here.

MANDATORY: As mentioned above, all students will be required to pay a minimum Fairshare down payment by 5/31/2024 in order to secure their overlay/competition uniform, their Color Guard performance uniform and/or their New Student Gear Bundles.  Students who do not make this payment on time risk forfeiting their spot on the marching field as they will not have the full required uniform and practice gear.  All students must make this payment regardless of Fairshare waivers received in past years.

When do I make my payments?

Payment will be due on the following dates:

May 31st 2024

First Day of July Marching Camp for all Band Members (7/24/24)

September 1st

How do I make my payments?

Payments can be made in one of 4 ways:

Pay Fairshare Via QuickBooks

Please note that QB processing fees of roughly 3% per transaction (rounded up) will be added to all QB processed payments.

Fairshare Down Payments

Due May 31, 2024

Fairshare Payment #2 & #3

#2 Due July 24, 2024

#3 Due September 1st, 2024

For Families with >1 Band/Guard Student

Fairshare Down Payments

Due May 31, 2024

Use the links above, they are the same amount for all Band/Guard students.

Fairshare Payment #2 & #3

#2 Due July 24, 2024

#3 Due September 1st, 2024

What if I am unable to afford my Fairshare fee?

The directors and Boosters do not want any child to forego a musical education because their parents cannot afford their Fairshare fee.  If the payment schedule listed above does not fit your family's needs, please reach out to the GOHSBBA Treasurer at finance@grandoaksband.org to discuss other payment and/or waiver options.  Uniform related fees and the down payment fee assessed in May are not eligible for special payment arrangements.

Extended payment plan enrollment can be requested via LINK COMING SOON, you must enroll by July 2024 to be included in this offering.

What if I pay the fee and my child withdraws from Band/Color Guard?

Per our published GOHSBBA Policies and Procedures guidelines, students who withdraw from the Band/Color Guard program are entitled to refunds of their Fairshare fee as follows:

We cannot refund students for any pre-purchased or pre-ordered gear or uniforms, but can assist families in finding someone to sell or donate these items to, if so desired.

What happens if I don't pay my child's/children's fee(s)?

Your family will not be considered a member of the GOHS Band Booster Association and will not be able to participate in by invitation-only Booster funded events or having Booster association voting privileges.

Who do I contact with questions about Fairshare fees or other financial obligations of Band/Color Guard?

Contact the GOHSBBA Treasurer at finance@grandoaksband.org or reach out to your Student's Band/Guard Director.