Welcome to Band and Color Guard Registration!


New students can register by clicking the button above:

  1. Please be certain to register your student as their CURRENT school grade, not their INCOMING grade (despite the instructions from CHARMS). Students will be "Graduated" to their incoming grade once the CHARMS system is rolled over to the new school year in May.

  2. Please include a phone number and email address where the parents can be reached.

  3. Please be sure to enter your student's Conroe ISD number correctly, as this will be your password for Step 2.

  4. Once registration in Band/Color Guard is confirmed by the Directors, all families who have completed Self Registration as described above will be contacted with permission to login to CHARMS (Step 2, below).

MANDATORY: CHARMS is the district provided student management system and registration is required to ensure proper communication re: band placement, band events, volunteerism, finances and more.

STEP 2: Update Your CHARMS Account Information

  1. For more information on how to navigate the log-in page, please see this Help Article.

  2. School Code is GOHSBand

  3. Your PASSWORD is unique to the student, not to the person logging in; the student and family members must all know and use the SAME password to enter CHARMS successfully.

  4. NEW STUDENTS ONLY can use their Student ID (entered during Step 1) as the password, you will be promted for change the password to one for use by all family members upon login.

  5. RETURNING STUDENTS ONLY can reset a forgotten password by emailing or and requesting a password reset link. See the FAQs re: CHARMS for more information on setting and resetting CHARMS passwords.

  6. Update all Student and Parent contact information, feel free to add instrument information, sizing information, a student picture, etc.

MANDATORY: CHARMS is the district provided student management system and registration is required to ensure proper communication re: band placement, band events, volunteerism, finances and more.

STEP 3: Make a Fairshare Payment

Click the Button Above For Information on Fairshare Fees, Due Dates and Payment Options

MANDATORY: As mentioned above, all students will be required to pay a minimum Fairshare down payment by the second day of May Band Camp in order to secure their overlay/competition uniform, their Color Guard performance uniform and/or their New Student Gear Bundles. Students who do not make this payment on time risk forfeiting their spot on the marching field as they will not have the full required uniform. All students must make this payment regardless of Fairshare waivers made in past years.

STEP 4: Order Any Additional Marching Gear

New BAND students will receive a New Student Bundle as a part of their Fairshare Down Payment including the following items:

  • "SHOES" - Marching Shoes - 1 pair

  • "BLUES" - Blue Band Shirt - 2

  • Gloves - 3 pairs (Percussion members don't need gloves and will get 3 Blues instead)

Want an extra set of gloves or shirt? Did your feet grow a size over the summer? Both New and Returning BAND students can order additional desired gear via our Webstore (only available now through June 4th). All pre-season sales via this site will close on June 4th to ensure order delivery in time for our July Band Camp delivery dates.

Color Guard members will order their new and returning student bundles via Mr. Brown after the audition proess is complete.

STEP 5: Purchase Additional REQUIRED Items Needed Before our First Game (BAND, Color Guard, confirm additional items needed with Director)


  1. Black Calf Length Socks - Suggested 2-3 pairs

  2. Black compression shorts to wear at game day practice and under Bibbers (overall pants, school provided) - Suggested 2-3 pairs

  3. Hair ties, bobby pins and hairspray for students with longer hair (males and females) - THIS WILL BE REQUIRED FOR COMPETITIONS

STEP 6: Complete All Forms in CHARMS

All Students and Parents must sign the UIL 8 Hour Rule acknowledgement and the Student Expectation form located in the Documents section of your student's CHARMS account. Use the buttons below to access login pages, handbooks or instructions for how to complete that step.

  1. Read all required forms. Once updated versions are available, they will be provided via buttons, below.

  2. Login to CHARMS

  3. Create a CHARMS e-signature for both the Student and the Parent using the instructions provided by the button below

  4. Click "Forms Collected"

  5. Scroll to "Forms Not Turned In"

  6. Click on each form listed and use your e-signature to sign it

STEP 7: Upload Physical and Complete District Forms via Rank One Sport

All participants must complete the UIL required pre-participation physical for each school year. You must also complete all online paperwork through Rank One. This is a CISD process and separate from any forms you complete in Charms. All paperwork should be available mid-April for the following school year and must be completed BEFORE the first day of summer band camp.

STEP 8: Download the BAND App

MANDATORY. This app is how the Directors will communicate with both Students and Parents. Want to know about last minute date changes? What time the bus will be at the school? Competition updates? This is the place.

You can find the links that will allow you to join the Band Parent and Guard Parent/Student Apps in CHARMS under Handouts and Files, look for the PDF file entitled "Band App Links." If you cannot get into CHARMS, please request assistance with gaining access by contacting

Students wanting to join the Student Band Apps (Band, Percussion or Sections specific) will need to be added by their directors or section leaders.

STEP 9: Purchase a Meal Plan

Due Date: August 12

The Boosters coordinate a meal plan throughout the Marching Season, providing enrolled students with meals before games and before or during most competitions. Enrollment is voluntary and is NOT included in Fairshare. If you wish us to feed your child (past offerings have included Chick-fil-A, Raising Cane's & MOD Pizza), please order and pay for your student's Meal Plan in the following way:

  1. Complete this form to order your student's Meal Plan:

2. Pay for your student's Meal Plan via:

  • Check payable to GOHSBBA, with your child's name on the memo line, dropped in the safe in the Band Hall

  • Zelle to

  • Via CHARMS/PayPal

    • Login to your student's account

    • Make a $100 Miscellaneous Payment, click HERE for instructions and scroll to the bottom of the FAQs for instructions on "How do I make a Miscellaneous Payment via CHARMS?"

STEP 10: Follow us!

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