Uniform Care

Keeping your Uniforms in Top Shape

Thank you for caring for your uniforms, costumes, and concert attire. All school owned items are assigned to specific students using a number code and the boosters take inventory after each season. It's important you keep track of your items and return them in good condition.

Marching Band Uniforms

Each year, Band students are measured and provided a marching uniform.  While the school owns the uniform, you are responsible for keeping it in top shape. After most games and competitions, uniforms will remain at the school. Periodically, students will be sent home with band uniforms for cleaning. 

Monitor your uniform throughout the season and alert us at info@grandoaksband.org of any rips/tears, broken snaps, missing pieces, etc. While overlays will be given to the student at the end of Marching Season, students will be charged for any lost/missing pieces (or entire uniforms) owned by the school at the end of the marching season via CISD's School Cash system.  Students will be required to pay School Cash charges prior to being allowed to take final exams or graduate from a CISD school.

Color Guard Costumes

Each year, Color Guard students are measured and provided with show costumes, you are responsible for keeping them in top shape.  These costumes do not go home, but are kept at school. Parent volunteers will clean the Color Guard costumes so there is no need to wash them at home, but please monitor your costumes for any damage or missing pieces and alert Mr. Brown right away if repairs are needed. 

Concert Attire

Starting in the 2023/2024 school year, all BAND students will be required to purchase their own, personal concert uniform.  That uniform can be purchased at any time and should be ordered no LATER than November 1, 2023.  If you are unable to afford a uniform, please contact  your director to make arrangements to borrow school owned tux pants (you will still need to purchase a black dress shirt and royal blue tie).  Girls who wish to borrow a school owned dress instead of the shirt, pants, tie will be allowed to check one out prior to any TMEA or UIL competitions.

To purchase the require uniform with a ROYAL BLUE TIE, please visit: https://www.concertattire.com/collections/tuxedos-ensembles/products/vincent-shirt-with-adjustable-elastic-waist-dress-trousers-package 

End of Season/Year Uniform Return and School Cash

Every year, Booster volunteers inventory returned uniforms and find that some parts are missing. Uniform parts are owned by the school and therefore missing parts are reported to to their "inventory control" staff.  Students with missing parts are billed for their replacement.  This bill is sent via the CISD School Cash system, and students aren't allowed to take their finals or graduate until these fees are paid in full.  Full uniform replacement costs $350, with lesser costs for individual missing pieces.  Moral of the story, don't lose your uniforms or its pieces!  Keep these tips in mind during the year, and make sure your student knows this information too!

Approximate Uniform Replacement Costs

Applicable to All Students Prior to the 2023/2024 School Year