Spirit Wear and Gear Orders

Gear orders are now closed (blues, shoes, gloves, additional Guard items).  Spirit items are still open for ordering (yard signs, car window decals, discounted Spirit Shirts).  All items sold include shipping and are tax free but must be picked up on our annual Tax free date during July/August band camp (date TBD).

Students who did not order their gear in time can purchase Blues and Gloves from us during the gear delivery day mentioned above.  You will need to order shoes directly from the vendor, see links below.  A small quantity of donated Blues, Shoes and Gloves (sizes vary) are available in the Uniform room for kids who cannot afford the cost of purchasing that gear on their own.  Please talk to the Booster volunteers in the Uniform Room during summer band camp re: this option.

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New Band Student Gear Bundles

Please see the listing below of what will be INCLUDED in your Fairshare/Gear Down Payment if made by May 26th.  These items will be delivered during our TAX FREE day during Summer Band Camp (date TBD).  

No refunds will be issued for mistaken purchasing.  

New Band Students

Your New Student Fairshare/Bundle Down Payment will include the following items:

Returning Band Students

Your Returning Student Fairshare Down Payment will include the following items:

Guard Students

Gear ordered from the Webstore and via Mr. Brown will be delivered at our TAX FREE day during Summer Band Camp (date TBD).

Need Something Else?

You can order shoes and gloves from our vendors directly (at a significant markup once shipping is included) by visiting the links below.  A limited quantity of "Blues" (blue practice shirts" and gloves will be available for purchases at the band hall uniform room:

Shoes: https://www.toteunlimited.com/store/product.php?productid=29547&cat=616&page=1 orhttps://www.bandshoppe.com/shop/shoes/band-shoes/dsi-viper-marching-band-shoe-109080/ 



Fingered Gloves for Brass : https://www.toteunlimited.com/store/product.php?productid=29900&cat=606&page=1 

Fingerless Gloves for Woodwinds: https://www.toteunlimited.com/store/product.php?productid=29898&cat=606&page=1