CHARMS Student Management System FAQs

What is CHARMS?

CHARMS is a district provided student management system that enables the Directors and Boosters to communicate with students and their families.  CHARMS is your "one stop shopping" location for receiving event calendars, tracking finances, seeing your student's fundraising activites, following their progression towards lettering in Band, seeing if their uniform has been turned in at the end of the year, etcetera.

What information do I need to include in my/my student's CHARMS account?

At the minimum, we need the following information updated YEARLY in CHARMS:

In addition, we invite you to update all accessible fields in your student's CHARMS account, including, but not limited to:

How do First Year Students get registered in CHARMS?

How do I login to CHARMS?

Can each member of the family have their own CHARMS password?

No.  A CHARMS password it unique to the student (i.e. CHARMS uses the password to differntiate between the ~250-270 students in the Band and Color Guard).  All members of the family must know and use the same password to access their student's information.  If one member of the family changes the password, all members of the family MUST USE THE NEW PASSWORD.

Why won't CHARMS accept my password?

CHARMS requires that the password be 8 alphanumerica characters long, include at least one CAP letter and NOT include any special characters (?!/*, etcetera).  

If your password is rejected, it is because a) it doesn’t follow the rules or b) someone else is using it for their student.

What do I do if I forget my CHARMS password?

There are two ways to reset your CHARMS password, Self Reset and Booster Reset.

Self Reset

If you have entered an incorrect password, CHARMS will take you to an forgotten password screen (see below).  In order to use the Self Reset/Forgotten Password screen, you must enter the following information:

Booster Reset

If the above method doest not work, please send an email to the Booster President at or the Booster Treasurer at requesting a password reset link.  Be sure to check your email as these links are only good for 24 hours once created.

How do I make  a Miscellaneous Payment via CHARMS?

CHARMS is linked to the GOHSBBA PayPal account, so if you need to make a payment on a Fairshare fee, a Meal Plan fee or other item billed to your student, you can do so via CHARMS.  Most payments other than paying your Fairshare IN FULL are made via the Miscellaneous Payment button.  To make a payment via this service, please follow the steps below (note, a 2.6% service charge will be added to all payments to cover PayPal fees):

STEP 1: Login to CHARMS (see above)

STEP 2: Click on the Finances icon on the main account page

STEP 3:  Scroll down the Student Miscellaneous Ledger Detail and click Make Miscellaneous Payment

STEP 4: Once on the Paypal screen, enter the amount due and your student's name/purpose of the payment under Description; then hit Start Payment (green button) to be taken to PayPal's payment gateway.