Winter Guard 2024

Winter Guard is an indoor Color Guard activity that stems from the summer and fall marching band season. Instead of performing outdoors on a football field with the Marching Band, Winter Guard takes place indoors in a gym and it is divided into Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. Winter Guard performs to music using dance and employs various pieces of equipment such as flags, rifles, and sabres. Grand Oaks Winter Guard competes under the Texas Color Guard Circuit and at Winter Guard International.

Winter Guard charges a second fee, separate from that paid for Marching Season.  These fees will be determined by the Color Guard Director and will be billed in an installment plan similar to the one offered in the Fall.  Winter Guard fees for the 2024 season are listed below.

You can check out our previous shows on Youtube.

2024 Winter Guard Fees Cheat Sheet

Winter Guard fees for the 2024 season are based on which Guard you are in and what trips you chose to attend (when trips are optional).  Please read this chart carefully before making any payments for your student's Winter Guard Fees, to ensure that you are paying  the correct fee.  

How to Pay:


Please put your student's name, guard and payment date in all memos to ensure proper credit is given  (i.e.  Susy Guardmember, JV attending Dallas and World, November payment).  Thank you!

Junior Varsity Alts

Not Traveling


Junior Varsity

Not Traveling


Varsity & Chaperones

Meal Plan Payment

Meal Plans for the 2024 Winter Guard season are available, covering one meal at each local Houston area competition  (not including College Station, Dallas and OH). Please send in $40 either via Zelle to or using this link ($2 added to cover the cost of credit card processing fees).  

Visit the link in the QR Codebelow to see our 2023 Winter Guard Shows

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